3.1 R Resources and Help

Very large user community for R. Google search for “Some topic R” usually leads quickly to the desired help. Here are the links to a few online tutorials

Two online resources will provide you the solution to the vast majority of your R questions. Getting on those websites is usually the result of a Google search.

  • Statistical Data Analysis R: This resource contains the function manual for R/RStudio including all packages. Example for a function boxplot. The most helpful part are the examples at the bottom of the page.
  • Stack Overflow: Resources for developers. For example, a Google search for “r ggplot two y axis” may give you the following result. Note that all questions on Stack Overflow have to be accompanied by a re-creatable dataset.

There are also many R books on GitHub:

Besides many online resources, there are also two useful textbooks:

An additional online tutorial is Using R for Introductory Statistics by John Verzani. If you prefer a video, the following Introduction to R and RStudio has been proven useful for people learning R/RStudio.